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About Me And The Website Omegaxyz.com

  Many people come out a good idea but lose it in seconds. What a pity! Sometimes we want to write. There may be several reasons here such as reminding, spreading or just seeking fun. And why is it beneficial to write and make a site? This website is established for recording the path of study and research in case one day I want to look back on the spark I got. You can find some useful information here to improve yourself. You can extend your horizons and absorb others' perspectives. As TED puts it: Ideas worth spreading. Find your own way. Have fun!

My Skills On Programming Language


C is the first programming labguage that inspire me to code.

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When I'm in the lab, I use it to process data on machine learning.

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Python is incredible, I like making web crawler based Python.

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Java can struct many apps on Android and I'm still learning.

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